NAICU Washington Update

Administration Seeks Additional Information Regarding Use of Pandemic Relief Funds

March 04, 2022

The Department of Education has created an expanded reporting form for colleges and universities that received Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF).  The expanded form, which the Department is seeking public comments on, would collect additional information about how institutions immediately used HEERF funds, served their students, and planned for the use of funds since the first awards were made in April, 2020. 

While the expanded reporting asks for specific additional information, it mirrors the allowable uses of funds from the legislation and guidance.  The new form is less problematic than a version proposed last year, and reflects changes made in response to concerns raised by the higher education community last August. 

The new draft forms are available as attachments on the website and include questions about emergency student aid funds and emergency institutional funds.  Institutions that wish to offer comments on the proposed expanded reporting form must do so by March 14, 2022.  If you have feedback to share with NAICU please send it to Stephanie Giesecke, NAICU’s senior director of budget and appropriations at

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