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FEMA Extends Covid-19 Emergency Funding to July 1

March 04, 2022

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has once again extended full funding for COVID-19 emergency costs.  This move extends the period of time by three months, from April 1 to July 1, 2022.

This extension allows FEMA to pay 100% federal funding for the costs of activities that have previously been determined eligible (FEMA Fact Sheet).  Following July 1, the federal cost share will shift to 90%, rather than the statutory minimum 75% federal cost share.

These funds allow entities, including colleges and universities, to be eligible to apply for reimbursement for emergency protective measures, such as disinfection of public facilities, non-congregate medical sheltering (quarantine housing), purchase and distribution of personal protective equipment.  Note, FEMA assistance cannot duplicate assistance provided by other federal agencies. 

The decision on who is reimbursed is at the direction of your local public health offices.  Contact your local FEMA or public health office for additional information on steps to take in order to apply to be reimbursed.

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