Lobbying Certification

(Section 119 of Public Law 110-315)


Quick Take: Each institution must annually "demonstrate and certify" to the Secretary of Education that it has not used any funds under the Higher Education Act to attempt to influence a member of Congress in connection with any federal grant, contract, loan, or cooperative agreement.  No student aid funding under HEA may be used to hire a registered lobbyist or to pay for securing an earmark.
When Will This
Take Effect?
This provision went into effect when the bill was signed into law on August 14, 2008.  The Secretary is to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the provision, and can be expected to set a deadline for the filing of the required certification.
Who on Campus May Need to Be Involved?  President, government relations; business office; academic affairs; sponsored research office; any other offices with a role in securing federal grants, loans, contracts, or other assistance
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