We are a nation of college towns. As trusted partners with a commitment to research, innovation and workforce development, colleges and universities and the communities they call home form a network focused on mutual success. As communities adapt and evolve over time, their success is often enhanced by generous investments — of dollars, workers, volunteers, research, ideas and strategies — made by colleges and universities.
  With more than 1,700 private, nonprofit colleges and universities in the United States educating more than five million students across all geographies in rural, suburban and urban settings, there is a thread that links nearly all of them — they serve as learning hubs and economic anchors forming the core of small towns and big cities across America. In addition to being strong contributors to local economies, America’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities are also a significant part of their communities’ social fabric, often at the center of vibrant neighborhoods
and businesses.
Cities and towns across the nation benefit from the significant presence of a private, nonprofit college or university, which often serves as a major employer working in tandem with area businesses to fuel the workforce pipeline and reimagine local economies. Their presence is felt across economic development and cultural agencies, while the hospitality industry and small business owners often attribute their success and survival to college and university employees, students and visiting families.
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