Rural, suburban and urban communities throughout the country benefit from the volunteer and philanthropic spirit embodied at many private, nonprofit colleges and universities. This spirit of giving back is rooted in the founding missions of private, nonprofit colleges and universities. Based upon assumptions derived from the
U.S. Census Bureau and the Points of Light Foundation regarding donation amounts
and volunteerism rates by age, income level and employment status, it is estimated
that staff, faculty and students of private, nonprofit colleges and universities give more than $747.5 million annually in charitable donations and volunteer for 86.8 million hours, valued at another $2.0 billion. In 2019, the combined impact of charitable
giving and volunteerism totaled $2.8 billion. These benefits were in addition to the
$591.5 billion in annual economic impact.

Across the country — from rural small towns to major cities — civic engagement and giving back transforms communities. From offering Pre-K programming to hosting special community events and summer camps, annual fundraisers, health fairs, health
and dental clinics, and providing mentoring programs and legal aid services, private, nonprofit colleges and universities serve their communities in a myriad of ways.
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