About Net Price Calculators

Net Price Calculator Options 

This chart prepared by NAICU (PDF) offers side-by-side comparisons of the options open to you in developing your institution's calculator:
  • Use the NCES Net Price Calculator as provided by the Department of Education
  • Modify the NCES Calculator to incorporate your institution's special price-estimating needs.
  • Use an outside vendor/contractor to develop a custom calculator.
The document also includes "Ten Things to Consider," which appears separately on this site.

Net Price Defined

Five slides prepared by NAICU summarizing Department of Education's definition of net price under the language in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, and the required institutional and user elements that must be included in net price calculators.

IPEDS Net Price Calculator Page

The Department of Education IPEDS page on requirements for the calculators includes FAQs and links to requirement details.

Net Price Calculator Quick Start Guide

This 14-page document from the Department of Education provides guidance on customizing and hosting a version of the Department's net price calculator on your institution's website.

Association for Institutional Research

AIR's net price calculator page includes links to a number of other informational resources - including a webinar-on-demand video.