Research Projects


Price and Cost Initiatives

Private colleges are redoubling efforts to stay affordable and accessible: replacing loans with grants, cutting tuition, guaranteeing no price increases. Responding to consumer needs, private colleges and universities are working to make higher education affordable for students and their families. The flexibility of private colleges and universities allows them to develop new and innovative ways to open the doors to higher education.
  • Annual Membership Tuition Survey
    NAICU conducts an Annual Survey of its more than 960 member colleges and universities regarding the change in publiched tuition rates and the availability of institutional student aid.  The information is reported in the aggregate with no insitutional information revealed.
    > Annual Tuition Survey

  • Enhancing Affordability
    Private, nonprofit colleges are working to keep students' and families' out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Our list of new affordability initiatives illustrate the growing campus affordability trend that has accelerated since the 2008 economic downturn.
    > Enhancing Affordability

  • Controlling Costs 
    Carefully planned, well-considered strategic cost savings initiatives are underway at private colleges and universities across the country.  See our list of innovative efforts by colleges to cut their costs and operate more efficiently.
    > Cost Control Initiatives

  • Academic and Administrative Consortia
    More private colleges are forming and expanding consortial partnerships that allow institutions to pool resources to better control costs and improve services. > Academic and Administrative Consortia



Free Public Colleges

The movement to provide free access to public colleges and universities picked up steam during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign.  On this webpage, NAICU tracks the start of new initiatives and the progress of existing programs on a state-by-state basis.
> Free Public College Overview