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President Obama's College Affordability/ Accountability Proposals

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Busting the Myths about Private Colleges

NAICU debunks the major myths surrounding private nonprofit colleges and universities. Visit to get the facts!

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Private Colleges Focus on Affordability

New campus affordability measures are helping to keep students' and families' out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Tuition cuts and freezes, three-year degree programs, and more. Complete list

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National Higher Education News

No Shutdown . . . for Now

NAICU Washington Update

October 2, 2015

On September 30, Congress passed a continuing resolution which will keep the government running at current funding levels until December 11, 2015.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Will Step Down in December

Chronicle of Higher Education

October 2, 2015

Arne Duncan will step down as U.S. secretary of education in December, an Education Department official confirmed on Friday.

New Push on Bankruptcy Protections

Inside Higher Ed

October 2, 2015

The Obama administration is calling on Congress to make it easier for some student loan borrowers to erase their debt through bankruptcy, as part of a package of proposals aimed at helping Americans who are struggling with loan payments.

Group That Shaped Federal Student-Aid Policy Is Disbanded

Chronicle of Higher Education

October 2, 2015

Lost in the news of the demise of Perkins Loans on Thursday was another death: that of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance.

Farewell to America’s Small Colleges

The Atlantic - Opinion Piece

October 2, 2015

Alia Wong writes: Unfortunately, Sweet Briar’s future—along with that of similar higher-education institutions across the country—doesn’t look too sweet. According to a recent report by Moody’s Investor Service, the United States could see as many as 15 colleges shuttered annually by 2017 (while many less-unlucky colleges are expected to merge.)

Obama's new College Scorecard deserves a failing grade

Washington Examiner - Opinion Piece

October 2, 2015

Michael McGrady & Justin Haskins write: With its College Scorecard, the Obama administration has created an unnecessary and potentially harmful program that intrudes on an otherwise thriving, albeit imperfect, market.

Early Action Backlash

Inside Higher Ed

October 2, 2015

Counselors made clear, in their applause and their interviews before and after the panel, that they wanted colleges to scale back or kill early action. It is adding pressure on applicants, their families and their high schools, they said, and not helping anyone educationally. Because of the lack of a penalty for opting not to enroll, they said, more and more applicants are trying to apply somewhere early action.

New College-Application Site Aims to Capture Traits of Success — Like Grit and Engagement

Chronicle of Higher Education

October 2, 2015

Three days after a group of more than 80 selective colleges announced plans to build a shared application platform that would "streamline the experience of planning for and applying to college," some admissions officials described the idea as a bold, welcome innovation. Others said it was a hollow gesture, a marketing gimmick meant to enhance the reputations of participating institutions, which have dubbed themselves the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success.

How Bernie Sanders would transform the nation

Washington Post

October 1, 2015

In the America that Bernie Sanders wants to create, tuition would be free for every student at every public college. Which, of course, is another way of saying that the government would pay for it.

College Rankings Fail to Measure the Influence of the Institution

New York Times, Common Sense - Blog

October 1, 2015

While Scorecard adds potentially valuable information to the dizzying array that is already available, it suffers from many of the same flaws that afflict nearly every other college ranking system: There is no way to know what, if any, impact a particular college has on its graduates’ earnings, or life for that matter.
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