NAICU Washington Update

Student Aid Funding Request for FY 2022

March 19, 2021

The Student Aid Alliance, which is co-chaired by NAICU and ACE, sent its annual request letter to Congress outlining its FY 2022 funding request for the federal student aid programs. Anchored by the call to double the Pell Grant maximum, the coalition’s funding request also includes significant increases for the campus-based aid programs, student support programs, and graduate education programs.
The Student Aid Alliance consists of 85 organizations and institutions that support increased funding for the federal student aid programs. Coalition representatives worked to determine significant targets for funding this year, taking into consideration the budget and political landscape and the economic impact the pandemic has had on student and family finances.
NAICU members can use the request letter to bolster their communications with members of Congress, who often seek input from constituents on their funding priorities. NAICU also has Federal Student Aid Data Sheets to demonstrate how these programs help students at the congressional and state levels. Together these are useful advocacy tools to make the case for increased federal student aid funding.
Congress is expected to begin working on appropriations bills in early summer, after President Biden submits his FY 2022 budget.

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