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Draft Cohort Default Rates Released

March 04, 2021

Last week, the Department of Education distributed its FY 2018 draft Cohort Default Rate (CDR) notification packages to institutions enrolled in the electronic CDR notification process through the Student Aid Internet Gateway. 

All institutions are encouraged to enroll in the electronic CDR process and can do so by completing the enrollment form on the SAIG enrollment website.  For those institutions not enrolled in the electronic CDR notification process, draft rates can be found in the National Student Loan Data System. Any school that did not have a borrower in repayment during the current cohort default rate period or any of the past periods, will not receive a FY 2018 draft cohort default rate notification package. These schools are considered to have no cohort default rate data and no cohort default rate.

Beginning March 2nd, institutions can now appeal their draft CDRs. All incorrect data challenges must be made through the eCDR appeals application, while the participation rate index challenges will continue to be submitted via hard copy.  Institutions can choose to utilize the Loan Record Detail Report (LRDR) Import Tool to further facilitate their review of their draft CDRs. The LRDR Import Tool can be used to easily load data generated from the LRDR into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application and is designed to assist institutions with reviewing and analyzing their LRDR extract files.

The final CDRs will be calculated beginning on August 7, and the data will be released on September 27. 

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