What Every President Needs to


This is not an exhaustive list of all the things a president or campus may need to do. Rather, it focuses on action items every president may need to address soon. Additional details are available via the links, or in the printed version of the Quick Guide.


[ ] Establish a procedure for immediate notification of the campus community of a significant campus emergency or dangerous situation. (Details)
[ ] Become familiar with the "sunshine" provisions, and note that colleges can be held liable for the actions of certain "institution affiliated organizations" (e.g., alumni associations and athletic booster clubs). (Details)
[ ] Become familiar with provisions for the publication of college cost watch lists and price calculators, and take note of the use of a new, standard net price calculation. (Details)
[ ] Assure that your institution has a transfer-of-credit policy, and that it is published on your institution’s Web site. (Details)
[ ] Establish procedures and policies to:
[ ] comply with new fire safety requirements. (Details)
  [ ] demonstrate that no HEA funds have been used in lobbying. (Details)
  [ ] address missing persons procedures. (Details)
  [ ] comply with new readmission requirements for veterans. (Details)
  [ ] bring campus disciplinary proceedings into compliance. (Details)
[ ] Develop a plan to combat illegal file sharing and determine alternatives practicable for your institution. (Details)
[ ] Begin preparations to assure that, by July 1, 2010, required information about textbooks will be posted on your Web site and provided to your college book store. (Details)
[ ] Assure that campus officials responsible for required disclosures to students are aware of new requirements, including:  (Details)
  [ ] the employment and graduate school/ professional education of your graduates (Details)
  [ ] disaggregated graduation data (Details)
  [ ] a listing of institutions with which you have articulation agreements (Details)
  [ ] a written notice advising students of the penalties for drug violations (Details)
[ ] Evaluate the possible impact on, and demand for your institutional aid as a result of the many changes made in student aid such as:  (Details)
  [ ] changes made to the need analysis (Details)
  [ ] replacement of Special LEAP by Grants for Access and Persistence (GAP); which may change your relationship with the state grant program (Details)
[ ] Assure that campus officials responsible for preparing required reports are aware of:
  [ ] additional data to be added to the next biennial drug and alcohol review (Details)
  [ ] ​new IPEDS collection items for 2008-09 (Details)
  [ ] additional hate crimes to be included in campus crime reports (Details)