NAICU Washington Update

Dept. of Defense Soliciting Public Comments on Revised Tuition Assistance MOU

September 05, 2013

The Department of Defense is soliciting public comment on proposed revisions in the Memorandum of Understanding governing its Tuition Assistance (TA) programs.  The proposal was published in the August 14 Federal Register.  The comment period is open until September 30. 

The current MOU was issued in December 2012, following lengthy discussions of administrative and academic concerns about initial drafts.  [See Washington Update, December 10, 2012]  The primary purpose of the revisions is to incorporate the elements of the “Principles of Excellence” outlined in Executive Order 13607 that are not addressed in the current MOU.  Among other issues, the principles would require institutions participating in the TA program to use the Department of Education’s “Shopping Sheet,” and to apply the rules governing the return of Title IV funds in making refunds of TA benefits.  

All institutions participating in the Tuition Assistance program will be required to sign the revised MOU once it is in place. 

NAICU is working with other higher education associations to develop comments about the proposal.  As with its previous review of the MOU, the association's focus will be to help assure that military members can effectively utilize TA benefits without creating procedural requirements that would necessitate significant changes in institutions' administrative or academic policies.