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McCaskill Holds Sexual Assault Roundtables

June 11, 2014

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has conducted two of three scheduled campus sexual assault roundtables. Hearing from survivors, administrators, law enforcement, and advocates, the roundtables have focused on the Clery Act, Campus SaVE, and Title IX.

Roundtable: Clery Act and Campus SaVE (May 19)

Focusing on the Clery Act and Campus SaVE, Senator McCaskill was joined by Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) at the meeting. Specific topics covered included the varying definitions of “consent” across jurisdictions, the need for more prevention training, and whether there is sufficient enforcement activity by the Department of Education. Senator McCaskill and other participants also suggested that the $35,000 fine that may now be levied for Clery Act violations is not sufficient to deal with the problem. The participants also had an extended discussion of whether or not there should be mandatory reporting to law enforcement officials of rapes on campus.

Roundtable: Title IX (June 2)

Joined by Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Senator McCaskill’s second roundtable was focused on the ways in which Title IX is enforced and the extent to which colleges should be required to adopt particular types of responses. Senator McCaskill expressed an interest in receiving proposals from the public for ways in which Clery Act and Title IX requirements might be combined. As in the previous roundtable, there was discussion of appropriate penalties for institutions found to be in violation of Title IX, and whether campus officials should be required to report rapes and similar crimes to local law enforcement authorities.

The third and final session, scheduled for June 23, will focus on the administrative process and the criminal justice system.

Senator McCaskill has announced her intention to introduce legislation addressing campus sexual assault issues by the end of June.

Roundtable Information

May 19:   Clery Act/Campus SaVE Act forum: Proceedings and preliminary transcript; Senator McCaskill’s account of the discussion   

June 2:   Title IX forum: Proceedings and related documents

June 23:  Administrative Process and Criminal Justice System forum: Webcast will be available

Additional Resources

For an overview of federal activities related to sexual assault on campus, see: May 19, 2014, Washington Update.