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Congress Takes Steps to Override Teacher Prep Regulations

February 23, 2017

Congress is taking quick action to deregulate the federal government, including a move to block implementation of the Teacher Preparation Regulations made final last year.  By a 240-181 vote, the House passed H.J. Res. 58, a resolution to override the Teacher Preparation Regulations. 

Using the Congressional Review Act, Congress is leveraging a tool that can undo recent administrative rules and regulations.  The Act requires passage of individual measures in both chambers, and the signature of the president. The next step for H.J. Res. 58 is for the Senate to act. The Senate is preparing to consider this measure, and is anticipating a floor vote soon.  While there had been bi-partisan support for blocking the regulations, partisan tensions in Congress may make this vote closer than anticipated.  If it passes, President Trump is expected to sign the resolution.

NAICU worked to improve these regulations since the Department of Education’s negotiated rulemaking sessions in 2012. The 2015 draft rule generated almost 5,000 comments in opposition to the regulations.  Those comments reflected a broad coalition of higher education and teacher professional organizations agreeing that the rules did not reflect cutting-edge professional standards. 

Private, nonprofit colleges have a long history in preparing our nation’s teachers, and have a broad spectrum of programs, from small colleges to large research universities. The regulations have generally been seen as impeding, rather than helping to improve, how teachers are prepared by higher education institutions.  NAICU submitted a letter to the House and Senate in support of H.J. Res. 58, and has prepared an in-depth background issue brief on teacher preparation.

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