Bucknell Community College Scholars Program

Bucknell University (PA)

Bucknell University has partnered with five community colleges in Pennsylvania and Maryland to establish the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program, a program for low-income community college students. Students who have successfully earned 12 credits from one of the partner schools can attend a residential summer program at Bucknell. After the program, students return to their home school to complete their associate's degrees. Within a year they are eligible to apply as a transfer student to Bucknell.

Once the students enroll full time at the university, full-tuition scholarships are guaranteed. Throughout the process, a Bucknell faculty member mentors and advises each student in the program. The program is supported by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, as well as through tuition, institutional and private funds, and federal and state/local government funds.

Bottom Line:  To date, 55 students have participated in the program, with a 100 percent retention and graduation rate.