Building a Teacher Pipeline

Nebraska Wesleyan University (NE)

[White House Summit on College Opportunity, Jan. 2014]

Nebraska Wesleyan pledges to partner with local schools and community college campuses to provide a 2-2-2 program, including the last two years of high school, two years in an associate degree program, two years in a bachelor’s degree program that guides low-income students into fully-credentialed teaching careers back in the schools.  The partner institutions hope to establish a pipeline of students from diverse backgrounds to the teaching profession. The 2-2-2 program will offer early identification of and their preparation for college-level study; a pathway to degree completion that balances rigor, strong support, and affordability; and a clear pathway to a career upon graduation.

Building on Existing Efforts: Nebraska Wesleyan University has ongoing partnerships with neighboring elementary and middle schools and maintains strong links with African-American-serving and Hispanic-serving community centers through a Guidance to Success Youth Club, a Good Neighbor Center, and the Hispanic Youth Leadership Academy, a summer initiative in Nebraska of the United Methodist Church.